An 800 year old keyaki (zelkova) tree


Visitors often comment  that the air surrounding them here is full of the essence of trees, and indeed we are surrounded by a lush grove of keyaki trees.

From amongst the thick trees blows a spring breeze in the spring, and the early summer breeze in early summer, bringing along with it the cool fragrance of green nature.

The keyaki trees that surround the brewery protect it from the suns rays in summer, and the brewery itself is made of earth, which protects the sake.

They keyaki do indeed surround the nihonshu with the essence of trees.

And, the multitude of trees collect plenty of wonderful water.

Long ago, when the warm water of summer began to fade, it was said that the water went into the mountains. Just as these words suggest, the ability of the trees to hold water is wonderful, and where ever there are big trees, good water collects.

For generations, the water has been known as “the gushing water of holy sake,” and carefully protected for its vigorous fermentation qualities.

Today, many trees are cut down from where they stand, but if one considers the centuries that this  tree has been standing, it makes you want to help it grow for as long as it is alive, passing on the wonderfulness of nature and the importance of trees to generations to come.