“Don’t cut down the trees.” This was one of the phrases my grandfather taught me when I was young.

I represent the 55th generation of my family to head our brewery.

Our brewery is located in a place called Obara, which is about a ten minute drive from Tomobe Station, one hour and one minute from Tokyo by the JR Joban Line’s Super Hitachi train.

Obara is one of the original settlements of Ibaraki Prefecture. Even today, the remains of the embankment of a castle from the Heian Era remain in the area. The local people often refer to us as “that brewery in the grove,” surrounded as we are by a lush keyaki (zelkova) trees.

The way our brewery came into existence is a bit different from other breweries. Originally we were members of the warrior class, and sake brewing began after the economy came to be based on rice, and local economies stabilized. Sake brewing was a by-product of the main product, rice. For this reason, there were two names associated with our family: Buza Emon was the warrior name, and Gen Uemon for the sake brewing name.

Yoshiyasu Sudo, 55th Generation President

Sudo Honke, Inc.

2215 Obara,Kasama,Ibaraki-ken 309-1701